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Snowmobiling is fun when the driver and a snowmobile match perfectly!



Is it true that you feel put out when your mates brag during the lunch break on safari day and your backside is sore the morning after the race? Do your rivals disappear from view a couple of minutes after the start?



We manufacture products that make snowmobiling more fun for you than before. Remembering the race will bring a smile to your face even the following summer, and winning the race no longer seems like a distant idea.

When the sled works ideally, your body remains vigorous even after the day’s journey or after racing efforts. Then it becomes a joy to wait for the next drive. This is on our minds when we develop and also manufacture the parts enhancing the driving characteristics of your snowmobile. Select your own driving unit from the search engine above; see what we have on offer for you.



Carbide runner catalog


Totaltek Carbide Runners

We manufacture carbide runners for the bottom of your snowmobile ski, which we have winged to countless race championships of our customers. They have transported snowmobile enthusiasts to distances of hundreds of kilometers from home safe and sound, and such journeys are talked about a long time afterwards sitting in sauna.

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Shock absorber catalogue


Totaltek Racing Suspension

If riding a snowmobile is hard or a body is twisted following a race, it is worthwhile to become acquainted with Totaltek shock absorbers. They make the run smoother and endure harsh rounds. We design the absorbers in Finland to suit the Nordic conditions and the sporty riding methods of our customers.

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We have carried out activities in the field of motor sports since 1987 and the quality of our products and are recognized among the snowmobile enthusiasts. Totaltek products are safe to buy, as they are developed and manufactured in Finland.